Machinery located in the production area:

    • Vertical working centre MAZAK mod.VTC800/30 per work section of 800x800x3000.
    • Vertical working centre WELE ISO50, per work section of 800x800x1600.
    • Vertical working centre QUASER MV204 per work section of 600X600X1020.
    • Horizontal lathe MORI SEIKI NL3000, per work section of 300×2000.
    • Horizontal lathe MORI SEIKI NL2500, per work section of 300X800.
    • Horizontal lathe DOOSAN PUMA250 per work section of 300X700.
    • Horizontal lathe DOOSAN PUMA230 per work section of 250X600 with automatic loader.
    • Vertical lathe DOOSAN PUMA mod.VT550 with 3 axes, with maximum lathe diameter of 800mm.
    • Horizontal CNC lathe mod. CMZ TC-35-Y/1350 300X1350.
    • Vertical CNC with 2 axes mod. DOOSAN PUMA VT400-L, with maximum lathe diameter of 500.
  • CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINE external/internal Palmary mod. OCD-32100, maximum grinding diameter 250mm, the distance between the centres is 1000mm, rotation on the board d.320mm.


  • 2 parallels per work section of 250x2000mm
  • 1 knee-type milling machine per work section of 350x350x1000mm
  • 1 radial arm drill 1250mm

Machinery for cutting:

  • AUTOMATIC SAW maximum d.400mm
  • SEMI AUTOMATIC SAW max d.300mm

Machinery for metal sheets:

  • PLASMA CUTTING up to 20mm per work section of 2500×6000
  • OXY-FUEL per work section of 2500×6000

Suitable for bar stock machining from d.6mm to a maximum of d.60mm:

  • Biglia lathe B565YS bar passage 65
  • Biglia lathe 465 T2 Y2 bar passage 70
  • Biglia lathe 650 YS bar passage 65
  • Biglia lathe 301 SM bar passage 45
  • Lathe CMZ AT 25 YS bar passage 65
  • Biglia lathe 436 Y2 bar passage 36
  • Working centre HAAS VF-4SS