Hardened and ground bushings M.A.

M.A. Lavorazioni metalmeccaniche produces hardened and ground bushings in steel. They undergo a case-hardening,  heat treatment and deep tempering at a depth of 0.8 – 1 mm and a HRC 58-62 hardness level

For Diameter < 100, 18NicrMo5 or 20MnCr5 material; Diameter > 100 in S355J2H carbonitriding, maximum depth, hardness level from 58-62 HRC.

Furthermore, diameter > 100 bushings can also be produced in 20MnV6 or E470.

We carry out different surface and/or heating treatments and/or special markings according to the customer’s wishes.

Where  are  they  used?

Case-hardened bushings undergo this specific heat treatment, which aims to add greater value to their features which can be used in circumstances that require excellent wear, grip, resistance and performance.


Each bushing is traceable and recognisable thanks to an indelible marking – printed on all pieces – which is necessary to identify its origin.