Pulley for steel cables – description

The pulley for steel cables is a mechanical traction and lifting device which allows for the transmission of forces from one part to another, making sure that two bodies placed at the extremities move together.

The pulley is also called sheave, consequently ‘sheave for steel cables’ is the synonym of ‘pulley’.


Where  are  they  used?

Pulleys, also called sheaves, are widely used in the perforation industry, as well as in the naval, oil and lifting sectors.

Pulleys for steel cables produced by M.A. 

M.A. Lavorazioni metalmeccaniche produces pulleys for steel cables in E355 material and steel, produced from a solid block, that is to say that metalworking processes do not consist of the assembly of various work components: on the contrary, they are carried out by machine tools or by unique-block castings, obtaining high-quality-produced pieces.

In addition to standard sizes, pulleys can be produced in customised sizes according to the client’s design.